Years 4 - 6

In Years 4-6, Teachers and support staff ensure our young people are provided with an exceptional scaffold for their future education. All of our classrooms are air-conditioned, helping to provide a comfortable and productive learning environment all year round. Our 4-6 precinct is designed to be engaging; to make learning fun and stimulating whilst being intellectually challenging. Our classrooms are places of interest, challenge, nurture, friendship, order, respect and hard work. A comprehensive Junior School education, based on data-driven and research based best practice, is the paramount foundation for success.

Our teachers take a multimodal approach to teaching and learning. They make provision for every student through a range of differentiation strategies. Specialist teaching staff, including Health and Physical Education, Japanese, Music, Library, Agricultural Science and at times Hospitality and Manufacturing staff, provides specific expertise to help develop the whole student.

The Year 4-6 Options Program and Academy of Sporting Development also provide opportunity for each child to identify and develop their gifts to the highest level. To read about our Options Program, visit our Extracurricular page.

While each Year 4-6 student is focused on developing a deep understanding of literacy and numeracy, they also learn contemporary IT skills through daily access to laptops, grow in their knowledge of the arts, develop lifelong health and physical education skills and understandings, and most importantly, grow in Christian moral character.

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