Join the Pride of the WHITE & BLUE

Our Year 12 cohort of 2018 held, as their vision, the desire to develop increased levels of school spirit and school pride.

Because of this vision, the cohort created a school ‘War Cry’ called, 'White and Blue'. The War Cry has continued to gather momentum amongst our student body across successive years.  The White and Blue War Cry is now vocally proclaimed with great pride at various events and functions throughout the school year.  

Building on this vision of the White and Blue, the College will be placing the phrase, ‘Join the Pride of the White and Blue’ on a promotional Billboard on FE Walker Street and we wanted you to be aware of the meaning behind this phrase so that you can understand and share it with others who may ask.

Join the Pride of the White and Blue, firstly highlights the importance of students being proud of their school. Having pride in one’s school has many benefits including students’ attitude to school in general, their desire to represent BCC and wear their uniform well, as well as the messages they share with others about their school. It is in the best interests of each member of our College community to invest in a strong and healthy reputation which proudly declares who we are. 

The use of the word ‘Pride’ also refers to many characteristics attributed to a Pride of Lions.  We value our strong community and our culture, encouraging acceptance, teamwork, mutual support and a sense of belonging.

Join the PRIDE of the WHITE & BLUE

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