OUR STORY - by Maggie-Jean Douglas

This artwork created for Bundaberg Christian College tells the story of student’s journey at the College as they move through the stages of their education and meet important people along the way. Foremost is the love of Christ that not only envelops students as they journey through their schooling but provides a true foundation and hope for their future.

Artwork Description

At the top of the art piece, slightly off centre is a blue circle with the symbol for a person—this represents a student. This circle is repeated across the piece. Each circle represents a student. This circle is repeated across the piece. Each larger circle represents the meeting together of groups of students (year levels) and the stages of a student’s life. The footsteps between show the journey from early learning, Junior, Middle and Senior School and then to adulthood and the lifelong stage of learning in a person’s life. Smaller circles outside the path are the families, College staff and friends of the students, supporting and guiding them along their way.

The colours in the artwork represent the key Bundaberg Christian College colours of white and blue with the background reflecting earthier tones of the house colours of red, green and yellow. BCC house names Kirio (dolphin), Fonu (turtle) and Bola (dove) have their foundation in the Solomon Island language and hark back to the story of the Kanakas that came from there.  These people were led to Christ by local missionaries and call Bundaberg their spiritual home.

Coming from this symbol are moving animal tracks following a journey through the artwork, reaching one point and then onto the next. Each milestone becomes slightly larger just as our experiences at school and in life become more significant as we grow.

This piece has a large focus on the importance of connection between people, God and community which is seen through the use of people symbolism and the human tracks along the journey. The movement within the artwork is reflective of the ebb and flow of life.  

“It was a pleasure to create this artwork for Bundaberg Christian College.  I put a large focus on people throughout, because the most special thing I was able to take from my experience at BCC has been the lifelong friendship group that was established while I was a student.  I hope everyone is fortunate enough to have caring people and good influences around them in their schooling life.”
— Maggie Douglas

Artist Bio

Maggie-Jean Douglas is a proud Kabi Kabi artist from the south east region of Queensland who grew up on Goreng Goreng country and is currently living and creating on Ngunnawal country. 

Maggie has been painting contemporary Aboriginal art for around five years now with both digital and acrylic mediums, she enjoys having the opportunity to share her culture with others in such an important way.  

Since beginning painting Maggie has been fortunate enough to work with many people, assisting them to create artworks specific to their values so that they can have the chance to share their stories respectfully through Indigenous art. 

Maggie creates under the Ngalindou Art brand. She chose this name because of the meaning in her language – we/ours. Maggie has won several awards including the 2021 National NAIDOC poster competition. 

Maggie attended Bundaberg Christian College from 2012 to 2016 when she completed her year 12 studies. Maggie played touch football, volleyball and netball. She was also a member of the senior band. Maggie was secondary house vice-captain in her final year. 

Maggie’s father Tom Douglas was a full-time teacher at the College from 2003 until 2022. 

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