Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

To provide a Christ-centred education within a caring environment equipping students to make a positive impact on the world around them.

Our Vision

We are committed to developing vibrant young people of Christ-like character, equipped to be transformational within their sphere of influence; by providing excellence through a dynamic and innovative learning environment.

College Motto

"Education with Wisdom"

Our Values

Respect is putting God’s love into action.
An attitude of love towards all people, including those in authority over you.
An attitude of thankfulness to God for His blessing.
An attitude of respect for God by following what He says.
Respect for other people’s things.

Integrity is what God wants to see in all of us.
A way of living, a lifestyle.
Tell the truth always.
Persist with your morals.
Have real strength of character.

Show Christ to others by serving them.
Put others before ourselves in all that we do.
Use our skills and talents to serve God.
Serve others out of love, without complaint.
Serve like Jesus did.

Strive for excellence to honour.
Whatever you do, try with all your heart.
Do everything for the Lord.
It isn’t about winning, it’s about striving for new personal bests.

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