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Bundaberg Christian College offers both academic and special ability scholarships, across various categories to new students to benefit from a BCC education, as well as rewarding current students for excellence in a variety of different areas. 

Please note that applications for 2025 scholarships have now closed.

All scholarship applicants are encouraged to register their interest to the Advancement and Enrolments Coordinator, Melissa Walsh on 4132 5800 or email enrolments@bcc.net.au.

Scholarships on offer:

BCC Scholarships

Academic Scholarships

Academic scholarships will be awarded to students entering Year 7 up until Year 12 in the following year. 

Scholarships are reviewed annually, with a re-application heading into Year 10. 

Academic scholarships are awarded to students based on three criteria:

  • Current academic results (Academic Reports)
  • Results in our Scholarship exam (Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER))
  • Successful enrolment interview.

Fees: ACER charges the following fees for applications and late submissions after the cut-off dates: 

Application Fee: $95.00

Academic Scholarship Candidates must undertake the scholarship examination. Apply for 2024 ACER Scholarship tests

Registrations Open:
1 January 2024

Registrations Close (for all applications): 
18 May 2024

Scholarship Examination Date:   
28 May 2024

Special Ability Scholarships
(Sporting, Cultural and Christian Service)

BCC provides sporting and cultural programs where students are supported through the provision of well-resourced programs and access to coaches, mentors, teachers and tutors. This team is dedicated to providing innovative and creative programs that challenge and extend students with a higher level of ability, helping them to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

Registrations close:
28 May 2024

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