BCC Business Chamber

The BCC Business Chamber is a group of business owners who share the same vision in partnering with the College.

Vision Statement

Develop a network of like-minded business owners / people who:

  1. stand for Christian values in a secular world
  2. focus on partnering with Bundaberg Christian College
  3. engage in equipping students for their future careers.

Benefits for the College:

  1. Create links between business owners / people, College Board, College staff and the College community.
  2. Establish work experience placement opportunities through trusted and reliable business owners.
  3. Assist with the BCC Careers Expo (annual event).
  4. Provide an opportunity for the business owners / people to strategically engage with College initiatives and activities ie Faith in Action Projects, Meilene Aged Care Facility.
  5. Expand the BCC Business Chamber beyond BCC parents.
  6. Share wisdom and experience with senior students in order to prepare and support them in making career choices.
  7. Avenue for business owners / people to sponsor College programs and events.
  8. Provide work related problems or challenges to student groups in order for them to engage in real world problems.
  9. Engage experts in the field to assist with College initiatives. Shared during Chamber gatherings.

Benefits for those within the Chamber

  1. Business support in standing for Christian values in a secular world.
  2. Breakfast and networking opportunities at throughout the year.
  3. Business owners who are parents of the College will be added to the BCC Business Directory free of charge. The Business Directory will be displayed on the College website.
  4. Opportunity to engage with and support the work of the College.
  5. Opportunity to seek out promising graduates from the College for future employment.
  6. Access to marketing opportunities at the College through sponsorship.
  7. Avenue for problem solving and innovation through sharing with BCC student groups. 
  8. Opportunities to use skill sets as a volunteer within the College.

If you would like to join the BCC Business Chamber, please contact Matt Gees, on matt.gees@bcc.net.au or 07-4132 5800.

Next Event

On Tuesday 18 May 2021 at 7:00am, you're invited to our College campus as we focus on the Agricultural industry. BCC staff involved in the Agricultural Science, Design Technology and Hoof n Hook programs will be sharing the College's programs and vision.

Bcc Business Chamber Breakfast 18 May


At the most recent Business Chamber Breakfast the College showcased examples of the various partnerships we have with our member businesses. See the presentation below.

Chamber Member Profile

College Bursaries

A bursary is a special category of award designed to ensure that a Bundaberg Christian College education remains accessible. A bursary is an award to a student who would derive great benefit from a BCC education but who, without financial assistance, would be otherwise unable to attend or participate in an approved BCC program. Busaries are a great opportunity for BCC Business Chamber members to invest into the College.