Parents and Friends

BCC Parents & Friends (P&F)

The P&F at the College performs a vital function in working with the College Board, Executive and Administration in supplying and enhancing the facilities provided at the College and providing services to and for parents.

The P&F strives to increase the support and involvement for College activities. We firmly believe that if each family committed itself to at least one event that we conduct, we could not only greatly increase financial support to the College but increase the sense of community of families in the College.

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Virtual ZOOM P&F Meetings

The P&F meets the second Tuesday of each month during the school year at 7:00pm in the College Library. 

For those parents who are unable to attend monthly P&F meetings in person, there is the option of participating via ZOOM. Please refer to the "How to Join Virtual ZOOM P&F Meeting" document for more information.

Community Engagement

As our Community Engagement Officer, Matt Gees fulfills an integral role in our College Community, encouraging and facilitiating connection and involvement. He is actively involved with our amazing Volunteers, Parents & Friends, Alumni and Business Chamber, as well as Sound & Lighting for our community events.

Matt provides a 'link in the chain' facilitating communication amongst our community. Why not drop in for a chat or send him a message using the form below.


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Joshua Rub – P&F President

A local Real Estate Principal, Josh and his wife Carlie have been BCC parents for 2 full years and have 2 children attending. Josh says the reason they chose BCC was because Christian Education is paramount for their family. “We believe it is as important to train up a child in the ways of the Lord as it is educating a child academically”. 

As President, Josh has the responsibility to chair the meetings and ensure the P&F is working in the college community. Josh says his motivation for doing this job is all about community. “Community plays a large role in our children’s’ education, I choose to be involved to support the Christ-minded approach the College has to education. School years are fleeting but their impact is everlasting.”

Martin Van Der Merwe - P&F Vice President

Martin and Vanessa have been part of the BCC community since 2014. They chose the college because they see it as having high academic standards and discipline within a Christian based community. 

As Vice President, Martin’s role is a support role. He is there to support the President of the P&F in ensuring the work of the P&F is happening within the college community and to chair meetings in the absence of the President. He says that his motivation for allowing nomination for this position was a way of thanking the BCC community. “I'm here to provide the college with as much support as possible to enhance Christian education. It's my way of saying thank you BCC for what you have done so far for us and our kids.”

Emmie Raffaut - P&F Secretary

Emmie and her husband Sean (an IT Technician at the College), have been parents at BCC since 2013 with 3 children (Year 6, 5 and Prep).

Emmie shared that "(they) chose BCC due to the Christian focus on everyday learning and how it supported and reinforced the values and beliefs we teach at home.

I choose to be apart of the P&F as a way of being involved in my children’s education, and to support the BCC staff and community in providing the best schooling experience for all families."

Rob Bowie - P&F Treasurer

A former accountant and now Church Pastor; Rob and his wife Brenda (one of our junior school teachers) have been parents at the college for 8 years. Their decision to have kids attend BCC was because of the positive culture for learning. “BCC provides many opportunities for students and staff to grow and develop in a creative and safe environment” Rob says.

As Treasurer, Rob is responsible and accountable to the P&F for all monies held in the P&F Accounts and therefore has to keep an accurate account of money that comes in and goes out from the Association and report to each meeting what the financial status of the P&F is. Rob says he chose to join the P&F and to undertake this role as a way of contributing something back to the college.

“Each member of my family has been immensely blessed by their involvement at BCC and I wanted to contribute in this way, in appreciation for all the amazing hard work by staff, students and parents that make this community what it is.”

Sports Parent Involvement

Parents can support our students in the area of sport by helping out at sports carnivals, and at sausage sizzles throughout the year.

ELC Parent Support Group

The ELC Parent Group meets throughout the year to share coffee, morning tea, and ideas, and is open to any current parent of our Chrysalis Early Learning Centre. Our Parent Group helps to plan social gatherings for our families, assists with the organisation and running of fundraisers, and is also a great platform for sharing ideas on how we can improve our ELC grounds and resources.