A year long program (Year 9 and 10) designed to:

✓ acknowledge & celebrate each student’s shift into adulthood
✓ offer conversations & experiences to guide this transition
✓ foster connections with positive adult role models
✓ educate & include parents/carers in the process
✓ connect students with their strengths & build self-awareness
✓ transform school culture by developing responsibility

This is a GREAT program! Our son grew up quickly during his journey, learning to take more responsibility at home. Thank you!
— Year 9 Parent

A Contemporary "RITE of Passage"

In 1909 anthropologist Arnold Van Gennep recognised that most cultures transitioned individuals from one social role to another by way of what he termed ‘rites of passage’. He recognised three distinct elements throughout different cultures: separation, transformation and reincorporation.

The Rite Journey acknowledges the lack of this process in western culture and reinvents this transition into adulthood using a Hero’s Journey. It expands the 3 elements into seven stages.

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