Preparing for Life Beyond School

Selecting subjects for the Senior phase of learning can be a daunting and complex process. At BCC we believe that it doesn’t have to be. Year 10 students are carefully guided through a series of activities in order to choose the subjects that will best prepare them for future study or employment, minimise the stress associated with choosing subjects and maximise the opportunity for success in the final two years of schooling.  

Every Year 10 student at BCC will complete a Senior Education and Training (SET) Plan. The plan encourages students to think about their future, consider their gifts and passions and investigate their options for careers and further education. 

Specialist teachers from various disciplines across the College present the many subject offerings for students to choose from, our trained Vocational Education and Careers Coordinator speaks with students and all Year 10 students are invited to participate in work experience prior to making these important decisions for Year 11 and 12

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