'Our Story' with new Indigenous artwork

College Monday, 17 Apr 2023

Bundaberg Christian College (BCC) has unveiled a vibrant Indigenous mural created by BCC alumni and Kabi Kabi artist, Maggie-Jean Douglas. The artwork titled ‘Our Story’, was commissioned by BCC and depicts the journey students take as they move through the stages of their education and meet people who help shape and guide them along the way.

The large 5.4 by 3.8 metre artwork not only celebrates the College’s rich 27-year history and the thousands of students who have made their own journey through the school and into adulthood, but recognises the contribution Indigenous students and staff have made to the College.

The mural’s artist, 2016 BCC alumni Maggie-Jean Douglas, has already received several awards since graduating from BCC including the 2021 National NAIDOC poster competition.

Ms Douglas said it was a pleasure to create the artwork for BCC and she enjoys the opportunity to share her culture with others.

“I put a large focus on people throughout, because the most special thing I was able to take from my experience at BCC has been the lifelong friendship group that was established while I was a student,” Ms Douglas said.

“I hope everyone is fortunate enough to have caring people and good influences around them in their schooling life,” she said.

BCC Principal Mr Paul Thompson said the bright and eye-catching artwork will be a delight to students and their families as they pass by it each day.

“The mural is prominently displayed next to one of our main internal driveways and Junior School families in particular will see it twice a day, when they drop-off, and then collect their child.

“I hope it will not only be enjoyed by our community but will be a source of inspiration, as this artwork demonstrates how each student is surrounded by a caring Christian community who is supporting and guiding them through their educational journey.”

“This piece has a large focus on the importance of connection between people, God and community. It was important for us that underpinning the artwork, was a sense of the love of Christ that not only surrounds our College, but provides a foundation for students, and a hope for their future.”

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We would like to acknowledge and thank our Parents and Friends Association for their generous contribution towards the installation of the artwork.

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