Junior School Awards Evening

Junior School Saturday, 02 Dec 2023

The academic achievements of BCC Junior School students were celebrated at the inaugural BCC Junior School Awards Evening, held Wednesday 29 November.

In previous years, academic awards were presented at the Junior School Celebration morning and this was the first time a distinct Junior School awards event was held.

Students from Years 1 to 6 were recognised with RISE, Diligence, Academic and GATEway Diligence Awards.

RISE Awards
- presented to students from Year 1 to Year 6. Rise Awards are awarded to students who consistently demonstrate the following character—they treat others with compassion, empathy, consideration, and above all, love. Students whose relationships are characterised by loyalty, integrity and a servant heart.

Diligence Awards
– presented to students from Year 1 to Year 6. Diligence Awards are awarded to students who strive to achieve beyond their personal best. Students who have demonstrated a Growth Mindset and are resilient, persistent and willing to challenge themselves through setbacks.

Academic Awards
– presented to students from Year 3 to Year 6. Academic Awards are awarded to students who have achieved results in the top ten percent of each cohort, based over both semesters. Subjects included in the calculation are Maths, HASS, Science, English, The Arts and Technology.

GATEway Diligence Awards
– not an award for necessarily the ‘smartest’ in the group but presented to students who have most consistently demonstrated what it means to be a GATEway Academy student as far as work ethic, attitude and effort. This includes students who have displayed a Growth Mindset, fully engaged in new and complex topics with enthusiasm and produced high quality works of excellence.

Further, special awards were presented to:

  • Cyra Cijo - Coral Coast Christian Church Citizenship Award
  • Grace Walls – Sparrow Bursary
  • Kayden Lloyd – Eagle Bursary
  • Samuel Gees – Community Spirit Bursary
  • Samantha L – Rise Junior School Bursary
  • Lexie Lang – Hotondo Homes Junior School Highest Academic Achiever

Congratulations to all our award winners on a fantastic year in Junior School!

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