Teaching, Learning and Curriculum

BCC Junior School teaches the National Curriculum from a Christian Worldview. As a result our students are not only taught the wider systemic expectations, but have the privilege of understanding the world in which they live from an eternal and meaningful perspective.

We believe that education should be broad, rigorous, challenging and interesting. Our Student Adjustment Plans for enrichment or support specifically identify gifts and strengths in children, then provide strategies and programs to assist them develop these into lifelong talents.

Throughout their time at BCC each student's academic progress is individually monitored through a combination of external and school based assessment. Teachers analyse student results and plan learning experiences, including Reading, Writing and Maths workshops, catering for a broad range of student ability. During each learning experience, teachers employ a wide range of research-based best practice strategies to help all students achieve excellence, at their level, in all areas of the curriculum.

The College engages Speech and Occupational Therapists, a Learning Support teacher, Literacy Coach, Curriculum Coordinator and well trained teachers aides, with the goal of ascertaining any potential issues that may affect a student’s ability to access the curriculum and achieve their best possible learning outcomes. Specific learning, physical or emotional needs are addressed through individualised programs. This process has helped many children improve basic competencies, achieve at higher levels and increase their self-confidence.

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