Learning Enrichment - Junior School

BCC Junior School has created an environment in which there is fluidity of student movement between year levels and curriculum junctures as necessary. We do not lock children into learning a year level curriculum if pre-assessment shows they can already achieve that level. We are excited to, as an example, have Year 3 children completing Year 5 Maths, Year 4 students completing the Year 9 Art curriculum, and Year 1 children completing the Year 3 Maths Curriculum.

Our Learning Enrichment Teachers provide individual programs for extension students and students requiring a little additional help to manage the mainstream curriculum.

BCC Junior School recognises that approximately 10% of students in any school are gifted in one or more areas. Our Gifted Education Program identifies children who have high levels of gifting in specific areas, and develops Student Adjustment Programs to help the child develop these God-given gifts into lifelong talents. BCC Junior School participates in several events to help these children interact with peers who have similar gifts. These include:

  • Days of Excellence (Interschool competition for gifted children - Gold Coast)
  • Technology Challenge (Robotics - Maryborough)
  • Maths Team Challenge (Bundaberg)
  • Optiminds (Critical and Creative Thinking Interschool Competition – National)

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