Curriculum and Assessment

An effective middle grades curriculum must be challenging, exploratory, integrative, and relevant, from both the student’s perspective and the teacher’s perspective
— AMLE 2010 p.17

Based on the principles of Middle Years educational research, the traditional divides between subject areas have necessarily been reconsidered. Whilst traditional names of subjects have remained in some instances, the curriculum is designed around connections between content and authentic, hands-on learning experiences. Every student will experience a breadth and depth of academic subjects that allows them to explore their individual gifts and to determine those subjects that they may choose to pursue in Senior School. In Years 7 and 8 students will continue their strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and the Sciences through the compulsory subjects.

Compulsory subjects include:
Social Science
Science (Including Agricultural Science)
Christian Living
Health and Physical Education
Performing Arts (Music and Drama)
Technologies (metal, wood, food, textiles and graphical design)

In Year 9, students will continue their studies in the compulsory subjects from a broad selection of subjects (taught by specialist staff), many of which provide the foundational skills and understanding required for the subjects in Senior School. 

Subjects offered may include:
Agricultural Science
Visual Art
Home Economics
Digital Technology
Economics and Business

Assessment at any year level must be relevant and developmentally appropriate. Assessment in the Middle Years is designed to encourage students to think creatively, to take academic risks and to respond to contemporary issues.

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