A passion for improving the lives of young people

Our College Chaplains and Psychologist provide a safe and supportive space for students facing issues ranging from family breakdown and loneliness to stress and anxiety. They provide a listening ear and a caring presence for young people in crisis… and those who just need a friend.

College Chaplains

Mr Steve Taggart (Junior School Chaplain) and Mrs Marisa Heidke (Middle and Senior School Chaplain) provide a safe and caring presence within the College through active involvement in a wide range of everyday activities. These include:

  • Leading Junior School and Middle and Senior School Chapels 
  • Student Camps and Programs
  • Student Support and Counselling
  • Pastoral Care and Mentoring

College Psychologist

Our Psychologist, Mr Jeremy Aaron, is a key figure in providing pastoral care through professional counseling and advice to College community members. Through a holistic approach, our Psychologist works as an integral part of the Student Wellbeing Team to support ongoing development in the promotion of learning and well-being. In this context, the Psychologist contributes to student well-being and education by supporting Heads of School in program design and delivery across the College. Our Psychologist supports teaching staff in managing students and can also identify, support, and provide referrals for further treatment of young people who struggle with mental health and related school/family issues. 

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