Exchange for Cash

If you wish to sell your uniforms, the P&F offer this service via our Second-hand Uniform Shop. Simply fill in the Resale form below, sign the Terms and Conditions and attach this to the uniforms you wish to sell. Please read through the Terms and Conditions before placing your uniforms for sale. Please note: Payment for Second-hand uniforms will only be applied to items that are in an acceptable condition in accordance with the BCC Uniform Policy (see below).

All uniform items you wish to sell in the Second-hand Uniform Shop can be returned to the College Office or directly to the Shop during opening hours.

How it works:

Step 1: Complete the Second-hand Uniform Resale Form below
Step 2: Deliver laundered items, along with the Resale Form
Step 3: The Second-hand Uniform co-ordinator processes the resale items in accordance with the BCC Uniform Policy.
Step 4: Payment for approved items is then processed by the Accounts Department via direct deposit into the nominated account on a Thursday.

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