Chaplain and Counsellor

Kelli Ussher

College Chaplain – Ms Kelli Ussher

The chaplain provides a safe and caring presence within the College through active involvement in a wide range of everyday activities. These include:

  • Junior School and Middle and Senior School Chapels
  • Student Camps and Programs
  • Student Support and Counselling
  • Pastoral Care and Mentoring

Susan Thompson

College Counsellor – Mrs Susan Thomson

The College Counsellor provides students with the opportunity to talk about the things that are concerning them, in a safe confidential and non-judgmental environment. Counselling is a talking therapy which may involve a variety of techniques or approaches, depending on what is being discussed, with the aim of helping students deal with problems, bring about effective change and enhance well-being, while also promoting and supporting healthy family relationships.

Counselling is available to students from both the Primary and Secondary Schools. Appointments can be made by parents or students either directly through the College Office or through your child’s teacher in the Junior School and Year Level Coordinator in the Middle and Senior School.