Leadership Program

Bundaberg Christian College considers the provision of student leadership opportunities to be of great value to individuals and to the College.  All Senior Students are considered leaders when they choose to serve others and make a positive contribution to others and the life of College. Together the Senior Leaders are known as the Student Leadership Council, and these students fulfill a variety of appointed leadership roles across the College. They specifically undertake to:
Love! (God, Others, College)
Lead with their heart
Exploit their gifts
Challenge their comfort zone
Get others involved
Create healthy competition and raise the profile of Houses
Contribute to meetings in order to share ideas, discuss events, and learn from others 
Demonstrate leadership of self, peers and younger students
Role model excellence
Build up and encourage those of our College who capture the culture and spirit of BCC
Represent the College proudly at functions and events

Senior Leaders play a significant role in representing student voice in regard to their area of responsibility. The responsibility of Senior Leaders is to connect with students and propose initiatives to generate student involvement and promote positive cultural growth in regard to their areas of responsibility.