In the Classroom

The Australian Curriculum, understood within a Biblical framework, is delivered in a manner designed to engage and excite young adolescents. The Middle School is a dynamic learning environment that caters for the specific development needs of the young adolescent. Developmentally appropriate learning activities integrate learning from various fields of learning in order to connect it with life outside of school. Lessons are hands on, designed to meet the needs of the Middle Years student and extend the learning environment beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Students grow in confidence, in their knowledge of the God of the Bible and in their understanding of themselves through the Life Skills and Christian Living programs. Years 7 and 8 students remain in close contact with their class and class mentor for the year, ensuring close connections and a smooth transition into the Middle Years Program. 'The Rite Journey’ is a program of discovery and growing independence. The program specifically targets leadership gifts and includes activities that invite students to transition from childhood to adulthood.