Student Wellbeing

Christian Character of BCC

Life at BCC Junior School would not be complete without the outstanding pastoral care provided for each child. Part of each teacher's vocation is a commitment to the spiritual, physical, and psychological welfare of our students. Our goal is to see each student grow in knowledge and wisdom and to develop confidence in the fact that they are special people, created unique by God, and can have significant positive effect on their world.


Students at BCC are immersed in a genuinely Christ-Centred environment, where Respect, Integrity, Servanthood and Excellence are not just catch cry words… they are inherent and evident in the interactions, speech, thoughts, and attitudes of our students. All facets of our Pastoral Care, student discipline and day to day interactions between students, staff, and the community are characterised by very real Christian values.

Chapel and Christian Living

Some of the favourite times in our week are Christian Living lessons and the students' chapel time. These are enjoyable times of worship, prayer and Bible study which nurture the growing relationship between God and His children. During Chapel, drama, music, movement, teaching, testimonies and praise and worship provide a rich atmosphere where the students come to appreciate their value to God and one another.

Chaplain and Counsellor

Our Chaplain and Student Counsellor are proactive in serving the special needs of the students, families and staff by providing counselling, support and intervention programs and liaising with external care providers to facilitate the best care for students. To learn more about the services provided from by our Chaplain and Counsellor please visit our Chaplain and Counsellor's page.