Chrysalis ELC Programs

Possums - Catering for 15 months to 3 years

Our ‘Toddler Possums’ Room provides education and care for children aged 15 months up to 3 years, with a maximum of 9 children and 2 staff each day (depending on children’s ages). The daily routine and program are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. Our toddlers enjoy an active day with a great balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Our Possums have opportunities every day for tactical play, arts, music and movement, gross motor skill development, fine motor skill development, social interactions and language development. We also incorporate God's love into everyday learning. Educators in our Possum's room work with families to establish good routines in the areas of meal times, rest times and toilet training. 

Kangaroos – Catering for 3 years to 5 years

Our ‘Kangaroos' room provides education and care for children aged 3 years to 5 years, with a maximum of 22 children and 2 staff each day (dependent of children’s ages). The daily routine and program are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. Our Kangaroos offer children a robust program which incorporates child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Our Kangaroos have opportunities to develop gross motor skill development, fine motor skill development, social interactions, language development and arts along with sensory play, music and movement opportunities with lengthy periods of uninterrupted indoor/outdoor play and share devotions and prayer regularly.

Kindergarten Emus – Catering for the calendar year prior to Prep

Our ‘Kindergarten Emus’ is a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program, operating under the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. A registered Teacher delivers a learning program for 40 weeks of the year in accordance with Queensland Government recommendations. With a daily maximum attendance of 22 children and 2 staff members, children enjoy a structured daily program which helps prepare them for their first year of formal schooling the following year.

Through a continued mix of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, children have opportunities to use their muscles and energy outdoors or spend time indoors. Outings to Bundaberg Christian College Library allow the children to explore literacy within their world. Our Kindergarten children spend time praying together for their families and friends. Meal times are a social highlight, developing great language skills and discussing healthy eating options. Our Kindergarten children enjoy a varied program in a fun, enjoyable and meaningful way which incorporates sensory play, art, music and movement, gross motor development and social interactions. Students also enjoy a number of incursions during the calendar year such as Dentist, Police and RSPCA visits.

We currently have two Kindergarten programs operating at Chrysalis Early Learning Centre; our Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesday group and our Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesday group. Should your child require care outside of these days, you can also apply to access our Kangaroos room on the days that fall outside of your chosen Kindy program.

Sessional Care Available

Misson and Philosophy

We aim to support each child’s developing sense of identity, knowing that each child is a unique creation of God.
  • Safe and secure relationships show the kindness of Jesus's love which forms the foundation of knowing who we are.
  • Through warm and genuine interactions Educators foster meaningful relationships with both children and families, supporting each child's learning and understanding of themselves and others.

We aim to support each child's sense of appreciation of creation through connections to our natural and manmade environments.
  • Through means of listening, looking, smelling, thinking, feeling, questioning and comparing, we seek to foster an understanding of the world around us.
  • Through conversation and experiences, we acknowledge vast differences between all of God's people and the diverse lands in which we are upon.

We aim to support each child’s holistic wellbeing to foster a sense of self-worth and value for both themselves and others.
  • Educators acknowledge and foster each child's developing sense of agency.
  • Educators support children at the time when they need it most as they negotiate the challenges of self-discipline, honesty, self-regulation and resilience.
  • The development of healthy living is a fundamental to holistic wellbeing and Educators shall support each child's understanding of a healthy life style through every day routines and transitions.

We aim to support each child’s developing sense of confidence, independence, and abilities. 
  • Educators shall encourage children to try new things, do their best and have a go.
  • By offering offering small and large group play and learning experiences, Educators shall provide opportunities for problem solving, interest, determination, imagination and enquiry.
  • Through relationships Educators shall understand and embed each child’s interests, values, and culture into our program
  • Educators and in collaboration with families shall ensure critical reflection is part of everyday practice

We aim to support and acknowledge each child’s unique way of living and ways of communicating
  • Educators shall foster relationships with children and support each child to develop skills in reciprocal conversations and situations.
  • Through planned and spontaneous experiences Educators shall incorporate everyday numeracy and literacy concepts, whilst drawing upon cues from children when communicating the world around them.