Chrysalis ELC Programs

Possums - Catering for 15 months to 3 years

Our ‘Toddler Possums’ Room provides care for children aged 15 months up to 3 years, with a maximum of 8 children and 2 staff each day (depending on children’s ages). The daily routine and program are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. Our toddlers enjoy an active day with a great balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Our Possums have opportunities every day for biblical learning, tactile play, arts, music and movement, gross motor skill development, fine motor skill development, social interactions and language development. With 2 small group times throughout the day the Toddlers enjoy mixing Bible Stories and popular children’s books with finger plays, felt board learning and simple songs.

Staff in our Toddlers room work with families to establish good routines with toilet training, eating and resting.

Kangaroos – Catering for 2.5 years to 4 years

‘Kangaroos Pre-Kindy’ provides care for children aged 2.5 years to 4 years, with a maximum of 22 children and 2 staff each day (dependent of children’s ages). The daily routine and program are underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework. Our pre-kindy offers children a robust program which incorporates child-initiated and teacher-directed activities. Our Kangaroos share daily devotions and prayer each morning and throughout their day have opportunities to further extend their biblical learning.

Group Learning Times are slowly extended in length as the year progresses, providing opportunities to further develop listening, speaking and comprehension skills. Our Interactive Whiteboard is used daily in Group Learning Times, throughout play for music and dancing opportunities and also displays relaxing music and visual displays throughout the rest period.

With a combination of outdoor and indoor activities each day our Pre-Kindy children enjoy gross motor skill development, fine motor skill development, social interactions, language development and arts along with sensory play, music and movement opportunities. Staff in our Pre-Kindy room work with families to further develop self-help skills (toilet training, dressing, eating, language and social interactions) in preparation for Kindergarten.

Emus – Catering for the calendar year prior to Prep

Our ‘Kindergarten Emus’ is a Queensland Government Approved Kindergarten program, operating under the Queensland Kindergarten Guidelines. A registered Teacher delivers a learning program for 40 weeks of the year in accordance with Queensland Government recommendations. With a daily attendance of 22 children and 2 staff members, children enjoy a structured daily program which helps prepare them for their first year of formal school the following year.

Through a continued mix of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, our Kindy children commence each day by using their muscles and energy outdoors with a focused obstacle course or perceptual motor program before moving indoors for a learning session with the Interactive Whiteboard. With two longer learning sessions the children explore literacy and numeracy within their world, take an in-depth look into their devotions and spend time praying together for their families and friends. Meal times are a social highlight, developing great language skills and discussing healthy eating options. Our Kindergarten children enjoy a varied program which focuses on literacy, numeracy and fine motor control in a fun, enjoyable and meaningful way and incorporates sensory play, art, music and movement, gross motor development and social interactions.

Music Immersion Program

Chrysalis ELC has an integrated Music Immersion program which operates each Thursday throughout BCC school terms. These sessions are conducted by Kara James, Founder-Director of Bundaberg Academy of Arts. Kara is an Early Childhood Music Specialist with a deep passion to share her love and gift of music with as many little people as possible.

The 20-30 minute sessions combine music, dance, rhythm & rhyme, dramatic play, visual art and story telling as well as musical elements such as beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch, dynamics, percussion playing and using props and puppets for added sensory enrichment.  Encourage your child’s creativity, brain development, motor skills and confidence immensely!

The music program within our Kindergarten room is a more formalised program, called ‘Kinderbeat’ – a purpose designed early childhood music program to further children’s musical understanding and foster their musical talents. Chrysalis Early Learning Centre is the only Kindergarten within the Bundaberg area to have the opportunity to provide this fantastic program