Chrysalis ELC Mission and Philosophy

To provide a loving, Christ-centred educational facility with learning experiences that place importance on guiding and supporting young children to be confident, independent learners who strive to achieve their personal best and grow in their relationship with God.

We will foster children’s sense of identity by providing a loving, caring, Christ-centred environment.  We aim to build children’s independence and ability to persist when faced with challenges through encouragement, role-modelling and guided learning experiences.

We will foster children’s sense of connectedness by focusing on our R.I.S.E values. We aim to demonstrate and encourage:

  • Respect in relationships
  • Integrity within daily interactions
  • Servanthood by caring for others as much as ourselves; and
  • Excellence in everything we do.

We will foster children’s sense of well-being by building on an understanding of their own physical well-being and how to consider and empathise with others.
We aim to provide practical examples and encourage self-help skills and independence in all children.

We will foster children in becoming active learners by providing an environment which encourages them to be creative, inquisitive, enthusiastic and imaginative.

We aim to provide opportunities for children to be involved in their learning and participate in problem solving, investigating, researching and hypothesising within everyday situations.

We will foster children’s sense of communication by encouraging them in real life language, literacy and numeracy experiences.

We aim to assist each child to understand language within their world and to become confident communicators.

Together with families and the Bundaberg Christian College community we strive to achieve the very best for every child and to bring honour and glory to God in all we do.