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Youth Basketball Heats Up!

This week during secondary lunchbreaks – a hotly contested basketball competition has taken place. Organised by Youth Worker 'Elisha', this competition was also an opportunity to encourage cross engagement and teamwork across middle and senior school cohorts. 

“I noticed that there was always plenty of action on the courts, but it was limited to year levels or middle and senior groups segregating themselves from each other” Elisha, a passionate basketball fan himself started to engage the students in some games and came up with the competition idea. 

“I set up the competition where the students had to form a team, but it had to be a mixture of middle and senior school. This offered opportunity for the basketballers to work together across year levels and build relationships through a common cause – basketball”.

Friday’s final saw a 5 on 5 game utilising the full court (heats during the week were half court games). Other students were refereeing their peers while Elisha took on the role of scorer. Congratulations to “the Ballers” who were triumphant.