Year 8s Experience Adventure High and Low

Middle School Thursday, 18 Nov 2021

Year 8's participated in a 3 day 2 night outdoor experience at Chaverim; exploring personal limitations and peer relationships.

It was time for new adventures for many of year 8 students last week as they participated in a 3-day, 2-night outdoor experience at ‘Chaverim Shalom College Outdoor & Environment Centre’, approximately 25 minutes from Bundaberg. 

As part of the camping & outdoor education component of BCC's learning experiences, the camp provided opportunity for students to interact positively and enhance their relationships with peers and staff in an alternative setting. 

Students explored their personal strengths and limitations to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and others. Our college recognises the need for students to feel at home amongst their peer group and develop strong bonds that will last throughout their Middle and Senior school years and as such, students were exposed to a range of leadership activities, preparing them for their role as Middle Years Leaders next year. 

Activities were designed to provide students with a rich and positive experience in the outdoors; promoting the development of valuable, life-long outdoor skills through canoeing, orienteering, a camp out in tents and high and low rope challenges. Students were encouraged to enhance their teamwork skills and discover leadership qualities that they can use to serve God, their friends, family, and the wider school community. 

Year 8 Student Hannah Gees, reflected on her experiences at camp and believed that it did challenge her in a positive way. 

"Year 8 camp was really fun. On the first day we did high ropes. I didn’t think I would be able to do one of the courses but I actually made it to the very top! I felt very proud of my self after that. On the second day we went on a canoe trip which was very fun, it was a little challenging because we really had to communicate to our partner so that we had full control of the canoe. Camp was a very good experience for me because I partly conquered my fear of heights!! "

Students also overcame the challenge of rain and sudden changes of plans due to weather. Although later than normal for a school camp; organisers felt certain that it was a positive move for both students and their peer relationships.

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