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Students embarked on a challenging adventure to Bucca Retreat during Week 4. They shared plenty of fun-filled moments on the waterslide; swimming, fishing and performing a special item for the first ever Bucca Retreat’s Got Talent! The second phase of the program saw students draw on their inner strength and grit, putting on backpacks and navigating their way to a secret campsite location. Once they reached their destination, they set up camp, cooked their dinner on a fuel stove and settled down for the night in their cosy tents. Lots of memories were made over those three days, allowing the students to get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. The staff witnessed the group develop strong bonds of friendship, bonds that will sustain them in this time of adolescence. Many thanks to Jamie Fleming at Bucca Retreat and the wonderful staff that mentored the Year 8 group, Mr James Marsman, Mrs Corinne Darby, Mrs Jacomien Rust and Mr Toby Hibbard.  

Mrs Angela Gees