Year 6 - Called to Care

Junior School Thursday, 30 Sep 2021

Year 6 is Called to Care

“Called to Care” is more than just a motto for the 2021 Grade 6 cohort – it's become an integral part of their learning as they continue to understand more about what it means to care for others in the world around them.

“One of the ways they have demonstrated this desire to care, is by praying for the various nations of the world” explains year 6 teacher Debi Bosch. “In our Human and Social Studies (HASS) we have been learning about countries around the world and students have had the opportunity to create a ‘Country Care Card’ for almost every country across the globe. These cards list various information and specific prayer requests for that country, then each day, we pull out a card and pray for a country. We are hoping to have prayed for every nation in the world by the end of the year!”

Mrs Bosch and her teaching partner Mr Tom Douglas have been inspired by engaging with the part of the College mission statement, “…equipping students to make a positive impact on the world around them.”

We’ve really enjoyed seeing the way that so many students have embraced our motto and the learning attached to it with enthusiasm and passion” Mr Douglas said.

BCC has adopted a Project Based Learning approach “Transformation by Design: The Big Picture” in year 6 this year. Developed by the National Institute for Christian Education, it “provides a model for developing curriculum in direct response to a mandated curriculum while unfolding a transformational, biblical perspective for the students.”( This allows the teachers to continue to teach the National Curriculum, but frame it in a way that represents the ethos of an Independent Christian College.

One of the most exciting ways in which this project based learning based around the year 6 motto has come to fruition was through the planning, advertising and implementation of a fundraiser for Christian Charity “Compassion” and the project: Snack Packs for patrons attending the Bi-annual Junior School musical.

In HASS, students did research projects on every country Compassion works in to create awareness of the needs facing these nations. “I found this really interesting as we learnt more about Compassion, got to do our own research and find out more of the stuff that we found interesting about what they do” said Year 6 student Deborah Edwards. “I’m glad we got to support an education project too".

In Maths, students learned to select food for the packs according to a budget, as well as how to work out profit and expenditure. “I really enjoyed figuring out how much everything cost” admitted student Peter Kinsella. “We created a spreadsheet in Digital Technology of how much to buy, how much was sold and then worked out our profit margin”

In English, they learnt about persuasive language techniques and how to use them to create an advertisement to make the school community aware of the fundraiser. They also learnt how to write a formal proposal letter to present to the principals, to ask permission to hold the fundraiser. “We all had to write our own proposals” explained Year 6 student Zachary Gees “Then Mr D and Mrs Bosch took out parts from every single one of them and then that became the proposal that went to Mr Hosking and to Mr Thompson.”

During the week of the musical, students spent time packing up 160 snack packs which included a drink, a packet of popcorn, a packet of chips, a small bag of lollies and a lollypop. On the night of the musical all 160 packs were sold out!

The grade 6 students were delighted to work out in their next maths lesson, they had managed to raise $698 for Compassion!

A few weeks later, they had the opportunity to actually present the money to a Compassion Australia representative and also received an email with details on what they had contributed to.

“The email from Compassion was a project update” explained Mrs Bosch, “in it they informed us that thanks to our fundraising efforts, new computers were being installed in the classrooms in Uganda and our funds will be part of a larger project to empower Compassion to educate children through reading materials and other equipment and give them skills they need to become economically independent. Its very exciting to think that our small school in Bundaberg has had the opportunity to part of something on a much larger scale on the other side of the world.”

This project began in November 2020, and was initiated as a means of supporting the cognitive and skills development of Compassion assisted children from three child development centres in Uganda: Burama, Kiganda, and Nyarurambi. For more information on this and other Compassion projects check out their website

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