← Year 11 Legacy Conference

Our Year 11 students were privileged to take part in a two-day Legacy Conference, lead by Peer Power - Adolescentologists, who specialise in equipping students to embrace the journey of their school leadership. Our students, in a fun-filled atmosphere were able to devise the legacy they want to be known for in 2021.

To add to the leadership training, the students were guided in how male and females think; let's just say there was a lot of embarrassed giggling happening. of course they had to put this training into practice at their 'mock formal'. We are very thankful to Mr Marsman and Chappy Kelli, who shared their expertise in the art of fine dining. It was a wonderful conference and we are excited to see how our Year 11 students will fulfill their commitment to the legacy they have created.

Mrs Erin Ramsay