← Year 11 Legacy Conference

The annual Year 11 Legacy Conference was held recently at the Bundaberg Bible Chapel.                                                                                 

The program was led by the Peer Power Team who guided the students in developing a cohort legacy to work towards in 2020. Through challenging group activities, opportunities were provided to develop teamwork and leadership skills that underpin good working relationships.

A fun part of the conference involved a ‘Mock Formal’. Students were encouraged to wear old or dated formal wear, either from parents, older siblings or from the OP shop. The emphasis was on fun and learning a few skills along the way. Mr Marsman and Chappy Kelli guided the students in introducing their formal date to their parents, and Mrs Murdoch clued us all up on table etiquette and how to let your hair down later on the dance floor.

It was an exciting two days and the Year 11 students are to be congratulated for establishing an aspirational vision for 2020 as they step up to take on the leadership of the College.

Erin Ramsay