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Students have spent much time reframing and organising a script written by the Queensland Theatre Company for the 2020 Scene Project. On Tuesday 11 August the Drama class spent the day at the Multiplex, with Kepnock SHS, Bundaberg SHS and Gin Gin SHS, workshopping with The Qld Theatre Company, to present the best performance. Each school presented their version of the script called ‘Wisdom’. The performances were not judged but viewed by each school and critiqued at the end. The Qld Theatre Company also presented their professional version of the original ‘Wisdom’ script which was an exciting and dynamic presentation.

All students in the Year 10 Drama class were in awe of the experiences and have been invigorated to pursue greater opportunities in their classroom and own performances.

Corinne Darby - Head of Faculty: The Arts and Japanese/Secondary Drama Teacher