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RITE of Passage - complete!

"This afternoon our Year 10's returned from their Outdoor Education Program held in the Kenilworth hinterland. From all the giggles and laughs and stories it was more than evident that our students have had a wonderful time and were a credit to their (families) and to the College.

I was privileged to get a sneak peak of each group at various times over the week and each time it was wonderful to hear their stories and experiences and how they have grown. The students were amazed at what they could accomplish.

A HUGE thank you to Mr Hodges, Mr Chibbard, Mr Tibbard, Mrs Kelk, Mrs Morano and the Higher Ground Camp Guides for their incredible leadership and guidance." 
- Mrs Erin Ramsay (Senior Years Coordinator)

🛶 Canoeing  
🏕️ Camping in tents  
 🍳 Cooking on an open fire 🔥 and plenty of hiking means there are pretty exhausted campers this weekend! 😴

Whilst this all sounds like a great time (which it was) its also part of our @theritejourney program to provide our teens a "rite of passage" on the journey to adulthood.

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