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Traffic Management Update:

At the start of every year, there are significant adjustments required as we navigate traffic management around the College. Some of the guidelines that assist with the flow of traffic were communicated to parents last week. Thank you so much for following these as they help enormously with the flow of traffic during our peak times.

This year, there has been an increase of approximately 70 students across the College. With this significant growth, comes an increase in the volume of traffic on site during drop off and pick up. It also means that our Junior School staff do not yet know all the cars our families drive. This does slow down the process of connecting students with their parents at afternoon pick up.

In order to improve efficiencies with pickup, parents are requested to please download the Car Surname Sign (click below) and complete this by filling out the students surname in the designated space. As you drive up to the pick-up point in the Junior School, please display your Car Sign at the front of your car (eg attached to the passenger side sun visor) so staff can call your child/ren’s names. We are hopeful this will speed up student movement from the College grounds to the car.

Car Parking and Bus Set Down Update:

I am pleased to announce that the College has received approval for the relocation of the bus set down bays to College Place. The vacant bus set down area, situated outside the basketball courts, will be used for the construction of an extra 25+ carparks. This will provide more Junior School parking bays in close proximity to the Junior School. These major traffic improvements form part of our Master Building Plan which is a key aspect of our Strategic Plan 2021-2023. Construction will commence later this year. The timing of this will be communicated to the College community in due course.

In the meantime, I thank you once again for continuing to observe the Traffic Management Guidelines as this greatly assists with a smooth, fast and safe drop off and collection of our students.

Car Surname Sign Example