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School Zone Pedestrian Crossing

Traffic Management at the College

The Entrance

You will observe the line markings on Kirchner Drive, Ashfield Road and College Place allowing for improved traffic flow within the College precinct.

The line markings on Kirchner Drive provide two lanes as you enter the College: the left lane designated for traffic accessing the service road and the right lane designated for traffic entering the front car park (arrow markings).

The entrance also provides a separate exit lane from the College (front carpark), turning into two exit lanes on Kirncher Drive.

Please note there is no parking available on Kirchner Drive. Parking on the Ag Farm is designed for Staff Only.

Please also be aware of the Cane Trains which are now on the move. Our Cane Harvesting season typically runs from July to November every year.

Speed Limit

Please adhere to the internal Speed Limit of 10km/hwhilst travelling on the College grounds. Observe and obey any signage positioned, temporary of fixed, along the internal service road and grounds of the College. This may include additional carparking signs, STOP signs, crossings and other directional signs.


Drop-Off/Pick-up Zones

A reminder that there are two designated drop-off and pick-up zones at the College:

  • The front car park off Kirchner Drive; and
  • The Kiss 'N' Go Zone at the rear of the College adjacent to the P-3 Campus

Please take notice of and follow directions given by our traffic wardens (staff), who will assist with the flow of traffic in the pick-up areas. In particular, please:

  • move down to the first carpark allowing others to slot in behind you,
  • adhere to the short timeframes, and
  • find a carpark if you require more time, out of the respective zone.

Please be aware that pick up and drop off of students along the verge of College Place is not a designated nor safe location to collect your child/ren.

For the safety of students, we therefore request that parents refrain from using College Place as a collection and drop off point before and after school. Vehicles parked and/or turning across oncoming traffic both ways; school buses arriving and departing and cane trains on the siding for the crushing create potential for accidents.

Precautionary measures have been put in place to remind parents to keep College Place free from unnecessary traffic activity apart from school buses and vehicles exiting from the rear College Kiss 'N' Go Zone.