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Bundaberg Christian College desires to intentionally acknowledge students for their achievements and for their demonstration of Christ-like character, a program designed to acknowledge and inspire our students to be all that God intends for them to be.

The term ‘Inspire’ means to excite, encourage, or breathe life into. Inspire comes from the Latin word that means to inflame or to blow into. ‘The Inspire Initiative’ is therefore a most apt title for this ambitious project. Students are ‘inspired’ to inspire others. It is the College’s desire to acknowledge and celebrate student achievement, growing a culture in pursuit of excellence. The Inspire Initiative credits students, from all walks of life, physical abilities and spiritual conditions, for their achievement within a variety of categories and at various levels.

Badges are perhaps best known for the role they play in the military, recognising the courage, bravery and achievements of men and women in the armed forces. BCC Inspire Initiative Badges are a physical representation of the achievements of students within and beyond the boundaries of BCC. These badges are an encouragement to the recipients and an inspiration to those who see them. The formal awarding of badges to students at assemblies is intended to celebrate and encourage the high expectations of the BCC community.

Maintaining consistency regarding the awarding of badges is complex and challenging, however this is not adequate justification to refrain from undertaking such an ambitious project. BCC ensures that high standards are consistently applied to all decisions regarding badges and certificates. Students are recognised for their achievement in the following broad areas:

  • Sporting
  • Performing and Visual Arts
  • Extracurricular
  • Hoof ’N’ Hook
  • Service

James Marsman - Director of Wellbeing