Teachers Thanked and Appreciated

College Friday, 29 Oct 2021

Bundaberg Christian College recognised World Teachers Day with a special morning tea on campus today...

Bundaberg Christian College celebrated World Teachers Day 2021 with a special morning tea today.

Head of Junior School Brendan Hosking paid tribute to those who were able to attend thanking them for the way they continue to work hard in every aspect of the educational journey.

Principal Paul Thompson also recognised the team of dedicated teachers who serve the students across the life of the college. “We have a wonderful team of teachers who are dedicated, eager to learn themselves and understand the mission involved in educating our students to become of Christ-like character and influencers.” Mr Thompson said.

Teachers and non-teaching staff were welcomed to the morning tea by current members of the student leadership team including Junior School Captains and Year 11 leadership candidates for 2022. They were handed a refreshing cold drink on a hot day as well as ribbon for World Teachers Day. Individual classes also paid tribute to their teachers, with year 1 parent Liza Fenwick organising a special class photo in a frame decorated by the thumbprint of each student. Teacher Elizabeth De Lange was showered with hugs and well wishes from her year 1 class thanking her for the way she values the individuality of each student.

Independent Schools Queensland Chief Executive Officer Christopher Mountford thanked teachers for the valued work they perform in independent schools across the state. 

“Teachers are at the heart of learning and make all other professions possible. I’d particularly like to thank the 10,000 teachers working in Queensland’s more than 230 independent schools,” Mr Mountford said.

“Teachers deserve our support, acknowledgement and praise for the incredible work they do every day in our schools. ISQ is proud to be part of a statewide initiative to acknowledge and celebrate the vital role teachers play in educating Queensland’s young people.”

“Thanks to their ongoing dedication and passion, teachers make learning enjoyable, encourage students to pursue personal excellence, and help young people discover their callings to follow their dreams.”