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Bundaberg Christian College takes seriously our mission to equip students to make a positive impact on the world around them and in doing so invited the Optus Digital Thumbprint program back to the college for a second year.

Our 21st Century lives consume more things online than ever before and it is not slowing down. News, socialising, games, education, food delivery and more see us using mobile devices and computers in ways we never thought possible – and so do our kids.

A parent workshop on Tuesday night looked broadly at online safety and engagement through topics like: 
• Staying safe online • The importance of password security and privacy sessions • Cyberbullying • How to report and get inappropriate content removed • Gaming •Topical case studies, including Tik Tok

Director of Student Wellbeing James Marsman personally backed this program and in recommending it to parents noted that “we, as parents, can feel “behind the times” or “out of depth” in the complex and quickly evolving digital world”.

Students from grades 5-9 on Wednesday had the opportunity to engage with a range of topics and case studies centred on how to engage in an online world and cyber security.

Year 8 student Hannah Gees admitted that the workshop was eye opening. “I have a better understanding on what cyber bullying is especially on Social Media.”

Year 7 students Lila Kelly and Alexandra Gees also found the workshops helpful. “When we tested our passwords, it (the website) said it would only take half an hour to crack, so I'm going to change it to something stronger” Alexandra said. Lila added that she learnt “even celebrities like Kim Kardashian can get robbed because of the information they made public on social media”.

Facilitator Isha Bassi travels regularly to present these workshops using real life scenarios and experiences to engage the students. As someone in her early 20s, Isha was able to relate her own online usage to those of the young people as she engaged in conversations about online bullying, racism and dealing with unwanted attention in social media apps.

The Optus Digital Thumbprint program also offers some helpful resources and recommendations on ways in which to better manage internet security and safety.