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Student Services Open

It is with great excitement that we commence daily operations in the new administration building. The new building boasts spacious, professional rooms that will accommodate students, families and staff for many years. The architecture of the building complements the function and services to be offered. The eastern 'front facing’ of the building is our main reception. In this space, visitors to the College are invited to sign-in, make deliveries, complete financial transactions and make general enquiries. 

The western facing portion of the building contains ‘Student Services’. This aspect of the building accommodates a professional and hygienic Health Bay, an appropriately discreet and comfortable counselling room, meeting rooms to accommodate family meetings, and access to teachers and Middle and Senior School Leadership.

Parent Access Route


Middle and Senior School students and parents are invited and encouraged to make their way directly to Student Services for all matters of a Middle and Senior School nature.

We are delighted to offer several automated services in Student Services:

  1. Obtaining a ‘Late Pass’ if your child has arrived to school late
  2. Handing in a phone if used between 8am and 3pm
  3. Early departure from the College

Leave Pass

Students departing the College before the end of the school day, are required to complete a ‘Leave Pass’. Leave Passes are to be signed by a parent or guardian and submitted to Student Services before departing.

Over time, additional signage will indicate the function of these different aspects of the building.

We look forward to serving you from within these fabulous facilities.