← Soccer Superstar On The RISE

Scott Black has had some incredible success on the Football (Soccer) field of late. The 16-year-old Year 11 student not only plays weekly games with his club S.C. Corinthians, but also been active in the Wide Bay School Sport and Wide Bay Mens’ Competitions.

Last Weekend, 29/30 May, Scott travelled to Hervey Bay and competed in the QLD School Sport Championships. The 16-19 years Wide Bay boys team managed to claim third place overall.

Over the May long weekend, Scott also competed with an intercity men’s invitational team in Rockhampton. Being an invitational only side, there was no trials or selection process other than coaches from across the Football Wide Bay area voting on who they want on the team. They played Gladstone region in a tough game, resulting in 3-3 at full time. “It was a strong game and we ended up losing 4-3 in extra time” Scott explained. “Considering our team only had a single training session together before this game, it was a great game playing at this much higher level than club games and I really hope we have more games.”

Scott has been playing football for approximately 9 years and counts this level as one of his proudest achievements to date – being a 16-year-old playing with an invitational Men’s regional team. 

Training twice a week, working part time and being a full time student and then turning up to play on a Saturday; Scott admits it’s tough at times.

“Obviously you want to do the fun stuff like play sport first, but I know that school work is important so I make sure that I get it done first” he says. 

Bundaberg Christian College has had a major influence in the way he plays the game with Scott crediting the college RISE values as a good foundation which he takes onto the pitch.

“I am learning an ongoing respect for the referees on the field and their authority, even though I may disagree with their decisions” he explains. “I have integrity and respect for my team mates – encouraging and supporting them – but also for the opposing team as without them there is no game to play.”

Excellence is also something Scott holds himself to but not just in playing for his teams, its also in the way he approaches the game and the training. 

“Playing your best when the team is losing is hard and it would be easy to give up” he explains, “but playing with excellence means always playing your best and finishing strong no matter how hard that may seem at the time”.