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Alumni Alex Field To Publish

As a new year of education begins and many of our Year 12's from 2019 begin their tertiary education; Class of 2015, Alex Field is moving into Postgraduate studies, commencing her studies to be a doctor after being accepted into the UQ School of Medicine.

Alex remembers as a child being told she could be a doctor but it was never something she took seriously until Year 12. “I’ve always found health really interesting and I love the idea of a career that allows me to help people on a daily basis.”

Perhaps this is why in preparation for her applying to the School of Medicine, Alex completed a Bachelor of Pharmacy at UQ and has spent all of 2019 working for a Brisbane Pharmacy. 

To be accepted into Medicine isn’t as straightforward as it might seem. “You have to sit an exam and have a certain GPA from an undergraduate degree of at least 3 years within the last 10 years, as well as go through some mini interviews” Alex explains. “I find interviews stressful so it took me 3 tries to get through them”.

Thinking back to her time at BCC, Alex found certain subjects influenced her decision to study Pharmacy and ultimately Medicine.

“I loved Chemistry at high school and really enjoyed science as a whole” she said. “I loved all my teachers, but Mrs Howkins was definitely a favourite. She’s such a hard working beautiful soul and always provides extra encouragement for all her students.”

Alex is also still close to many of her 2015 classmates. “We were a very small Year 12 cohort and as such quite close. There are actually 5 of us all attending Hope Church at Bowen Hills here in Brisbane”.

With family still in Bundaberg, Alex stays in touch with news of her BCC community but readily admits that she misses the Bundy beaches the most.

Good luck with your continued studies Alex, your BCC community wishes you all the best! 

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