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Science under Sail

Last week a group of Year 10 Science students were blessed with an exciting experience, affording them an opportunity to work with experts in the field of Marine Biology. The group will sail on the MV Valella, Directed by Dr James Udy; Adjunct Professor from QUT. Accompanied by fellow marine biologist crew. 

The crew sailed to the mid or outer reefs of the Capricornia Bunker collecting data as part of an Extended Experimental Investigation (EEI), to provide the students with a hands-on, real-world experience that meaningfully contributes to their science understanding. The expedition was made possible through the generous funding of successful grant applications, aimed at enabling Australian Senior Secondary science students to collect critical data from the Great Barrier Reef and learn how to process that data for scientific analysis. The program was developed as a result of the collaborative efforts of QUT, Monash University and ADSEI, along with leading authorities in Great Barrier Reef conservation efforts.

Activities being undertaken include:

  • Sailing, 
  • snorkelling, 
  • swimming, 
  • walking in intertidal areas including beaches or reef flats, 
  • camping and 
  • fishing (Fishing is permitted outside of the Green Zones and only upon the completion of the survey and science work