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Our inaugural BCC Relay for Life Fundraiser Concert was a wonderful night – we were blessed with a quality concert of fine performances, followed by a sensational supper. This evening was dedicated to raising funds for the QLD Cancer Council’s Relay for Life 2019. Thanks to Mrs Rachel Harbison for organising the concert, featuring many leading Bundaberg performers and thanks to our Relay for Life students and families for supporting the night, preparing the venue and assisting with supper.  Thanks also to the Baptist Church (Fitzgerald Street) for the venue and kitchen assistance, particular thanks to Mrs Estelle Quinlan for organising supper.  We are delighted to announce that $1032 was raised on the night.   

Relay for Life is a QLD Cancer Council fundraising event that celebrates survivors and carers, remembers those lost to cancer and considers ways to “fight-back” against this disease.  It is a challenging weekend that represents the journey of those confronting cancer and seeks to support those in the journey.

Fifty-two BCC students participated, walking as relay teams for 18 hours.  In addition, our teams raised a combined total of more than $7000, every student contributing to the fundraising.  Special thanks to all who contributed this year, particularly the students for their active involvement, all who supported various fundraising initiatives, the behind the scenes set up and pack up crew and our staff and alumni who gave up their weekend to supervise.  Special thanks to Mrs Newton, Mrs McKim, Mrs Ramsay, Mrs Petersen, Mrs Howkins, Mrs Harbison, Cameron Crush and Kit Howkins.   As our musical theme (High School Musical) claims – “We’re all in it together”.  This was true of the event and the team spirit evident throughout the weekend.  Well done BCC Rising Hope 1, 2 and 3.

Mrs Lynne Howkins on behalf of BCC Relay for Life Teams