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"How could I be so engrossed in this beautiful culture and not be changed. “We have so much to offer them” supposedly, and whilst this is true, we have more to learn.

On Sunday I sat in the back of a van driving through Kampala with Joshua (John and Helen’s sponsor boy). After a while of banter and laying the foundations of friendship I began to ask him about being sponsored. I’ve always desired to know how it is from the child’s perspective, and to hear what the journey felt like for him personally. He was so beautifully open and honest, whilst keeping responses brief. He told us of the joy of receiving the letters, and how he keeps them all safe inside books in his one cupboard. 

I asked him how he felt when John and Helen told him they were coming to see him the first time, and he said “I didn’t believe, I couldn’t”. We spoke a little further, and I understood that it was safer for him to think like that so he wasn’t disappointed. “When they were about to come to you on that day, what was it like?” I asked. 

He took a deep breath looked out the window and said gently “that, that was my best day”. 

And then we continued to slowly transition the topic elsewhere. I sat there in that moment trying my best not to cry, This man and woman sitting in front of me had given this young man more then they will ever know. Out of all of his life’s opportunities and experiences that was his best day! 
Joshua is family, he calls us sisters and brothers and I now know that we will never fully understand the impact of sponsorship on a child. When there is no one to advocate for and protect you, a letter can be your saving grace, and to know you are loved can shift everything. Love is truely the most powerful gift!

This is only one of many stories that have completely broken my heart, but opened my eyes. 

These precious faces below are from Entebbe Early learning school. Where children who are abandoned or unable to access schooling are not only educated but put into a family environment. When even their family doesn’t want them, this school has become a sanctuary for these little people. And all because one woman who was given a gift and a vision was obedient.

What an honour to bring joy and laughter to these little ones, and hear of the pivotal role Ronald Preuss and Ulrike Preuss have played in helping this school through it’s formative years.

My heart is so full!"

~ Alyssa Devlin (Senior Educator - Chrysalis ELC)