← Preparing Students For Real World Careers

One of our aims at Bundaberg Christian College is to ensure our students are equipped for the real world. We want our students to succeed both academically and in the workforce.

Towards the end of first term both our year 9 and year 11 students engaged in with guest speakers from a variety of industry backgrounds to encourage and inspire them for getting a part time job during their schooling and how to aim for their dream career.

Vocational Education & Careers Coordinator Karen Petersen coordinated the series of speakers ensuring there was a variety to engage and encourage the students. “Some of our speakers are working in industries that our students wouldn’t expect which is a great opportunity to show these students that their skills and passions can lead them into an area they may not have previously explored” Ms Petersen said.

“For example, Jamin Fleming from OzTech Drones does a lot of work in agriculture and wants to employ people who not only have the skills and interest in drone technology, but who also understand the agricultural sector.”

As part of the Bundaberg Jobs Commitment, Bundaberg Regional Council were a key player. Andrea Bax and Tony Daniels shared with the students some ideas and examples relating to job interviews – what to wear, how to act, how to speak and what to expect going in to a job interview. Guest Speakers from Sweet Potatoes Australia shared their experiences in the industry as well as what led them to their particular area, while Kylie Jackson from Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers provided an insight into just how many jobs there are related to the Agricultural Sector.

BCC’s own Human Resources Manager Andrew Iles shared with the year 11s some tips about Resume writing and how to make an individual stand out amongst a high volume of applications by tailoring your resume to the role being applied for and highlighting skills and attributes relevant to the job being applied for.

Thanks to all our guests who freely gave up their time to speak to and encourage our students.