← Pathways to the workforce explored by Year 8

It’s always tough when you’re a student navigating your way through subjects and sometimes losing the feeling of relevance for your future.

A recent visit by some local professionals gave our year 8s an insight into how important the basic subjects like Maths, English and Science are and how each one both individually and as part of a wider study pattern links into our working lives. 
Karen Petersen is the college Vocational Education and Careers Coordinator. Ms Petersen organised the visits to encourage and engage the students. “All subjects studied at school directly relate to the world of work” she said. “Staying engaged from year 7 to 12 develops student kills, keeps pathways open and helps refine student interests and aspirations.”

Adam Wratten is a former newspaper journalist and Editor who is now the Public Relations Manager at IMPACT Community Services. Adam spoke about how throughout his schooling life he played a lot of sport but also had a love for the written word. Using his own career experiences and highlights, he encouraged the students to work hard. “As a journalist and now working in public relations, I do a lot of reading and a lot of writing. Without the basics at school, I would not be able to do my job as well as I do now” he said. One of those career highlights was an interview with the Prime Minister when he visited Bundaberg.

Science can lead to many different career paths and with a visit from OPSM, the year 8s had the opportunity to also explore some hands on science as they investigated the human eye through various altered glasses and in doing so discovered ways in which an Optometrist works with and uses scientific skills constantly.
Studying all the science streams at school led Optometrist John Le to his chosen career, but also the art of communication. Without English alongside the science streams, communication with clients, suppliers and other business partners would not be as easy and could actually be detrimental to his job. Local OPSM manager Emily Paskins accompanied John on the visit and spoke briefly with the students about her role as a practice manager and how important school is to a future in the workforce.

Civil Engineer, Chris Samson is the Manager – Strategic Projects at Bundaberg Regional Council. Chris also took the time to visit the students and shared insights on how the study of Maths at school led him down the path of engineering and how being a manager in an organisation as large as Council also requires a lot of other skills.