← Outdoor Education A Cool Experience For Year 10

The year 10 cohort recently participated in a 5 day camp which included hiking, canoeing and building their own camping shelters. 

As part of "The Rite Journey" program, this week was just as much about enjoying being outdoors as it was about learning more about who each one of our students are as a Child of God. 

Senior School Coordinator Mrs Erin Ramsay shares her reflection on how the week was...

The Year 10 Camp was held in the beautiful Imbil and Borumba Dam surrounds. 

It was difficult for the students and staff not to be in awe of God's creation as the landscape was gorgeous and the weather was wonderful...perhaps just a tad fresh at times. 

The outdoor program was definitely challenging for the students as they camped, hiked, canoed and mountain biked their way through some difficult terrain...let's just say some students realised the need to work on their biking skills!!

The most amazing part of the week though was seeing the growth in maturity of our boys to men and our girls to women. Through 'The Rite Journey' our students have focused on developing 52 Virtues and it was these virtues we saw being outlived in our students as they faced the many challenges this camp presented.

The Solo days were especially welcomed by  our young people and the majority of them revelled in the chance to sleep but many took time out to think and create and they were encouraged to consider the path they want to take in life.

We commend our students for their tenacity and resilience in completing all this camp offered.

A huge thank you to the Higherground staff and to Mr Samuel Hodges, Mr Charles Hibbard, Mrs Juanita Bronkhorst and Mrs Mollie Morano for guiding our students and for speaking into their lives.