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What an adventure, with plenty of choices for all children to participate in popular holiday activities. Parents and children all contributed, giving suggestions for an exciting program. Our new director, Miss Lorenza was delighted in the way OSHC children represented Bundaberg Christian College, their behaviour displaying our school’s R.I.S.E values.

At the excursion to Tinaberries Strawberry Farm, Tina, the tour guide, revealed that there are approximately 200 seeds on the outside of each strawberry; it takes 21 days from flower to fruit. The children enjoyed sampling as many strawberries as they liked and collected a punnet of strawberries to take home. The children also gathered enough fruit to make strawberry jam.

The following day, Kathy Dick, a Thermomix consultant and member of our school community, gave us a lesson in producing and bottling many batches of wonderful strawberry jam.  The children helped and then could take some jam home to share with their families.

We used a recipe to bake gluten-free bread using a bread maker and we could smell the aroma all afternoon! The children then buttered the bread and  taste-tested the freshly made jam.

Using wood generously donated by our Woodwork department here at BCC, the children hammered and nailed, glued and painted, creating many exciting designs.

Riding bikes carefully meant we needed to create our very own list of rules to follow. We also talked at length about road rules and why it is important to have rules.

Slime. Do I need to say anything more? Well...maybe, I just want to let you know that we had fun!

Hockey, wow what a day! Thank you to the volunteers who gave time and equipment so BCC could continue to thrive over the holidays. As Miss Lorenza said recently in an e-mail to our team, “It takes a village”!

We have also enjoyed flower arranging, clay and a visit to the Botanical Gardens to plant herbs and see the new playground created for the Bundaberg Community.

Talking about playgrounds, we saw the Chrysalis Playground that we can climb on when OSHC moves over early next year. We visited the chickens , they are so cute. We had an amazing lesson on how to paint faces professionally and we saw where the building went that was moved to create our new space.

Lorenza and the vibrant management team at Bundaberg Christian College are eager to answer questions you may have regarding our move.  Or if you have ideas that you think could be incorporated, please contact the team at elc@bcc.net.au

Thank you from the OSHC team