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Kites, bubbles and windmills have recently featured at OSHC!  Balls, as always, are leaders in the activities of choice in the Before and After school Care Program.

The children have also been looking at some professions that make our diverse community; arborists and carpenters to name just two.

Over the past month we have been discussing what trees do for our environment. We have been looking at growth rings inside trees and wondering how fast different trees grow. We plan to do some tree sketching in the future.  The BCC Woodwork department have kindly donated timber to use in our woodworking afternoon, planned for Wednesday 2 October. Our Vacation Care activities can be found on the BCC Website under Student Services.

'Manners and Etiquette' is part our OSHC Café.  We have been practicing our table manners, being kind and considering others.  The source of this rule is in the Bible; “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thy self” in Matthew 22:39.  We have also been looking at how to set a table and what messages are left for the Chef through how you leave your cutlery at the end of a meal.

Implementing a group activity on the mat before afternoon tea has become part of our routine; this week the children took part in making butter from fresh cream, taking turns to shake the cream until it looked and smelled like butter. Some of the children then made sandwiches using the butter.  As always, we have had a great time learning.  

Louise Lawsen