New Head of Middle and Senior School

Senior School Friday, 08 Oct 2021

New Leader in 2022

As shared with the College community last week, our recruitment process for 2022 staff has been exceptional and I am excited to announce our new staff members over the coming weeks. I am delighted to share the exciting news that our Head of Middle and Senior School for 2022 has been appointed. 

Would you join me in applauding Mrs Elissa Vardy on her appointment! Mrs Vardy has served at BCC in her capacity as Director of Teaching and Learning this year and brings a myriad of skills and experience to the role, having worked at both Australian and international schools. She is a passionate educator who intentionally engages students and challenges them as learners. Her understanding and practice of 'the art' of teaching is both inspirational and of the highest quality.

'With excitement, I embrace the opportunity to lead the talented and motivated staff and students within the Middle and Senior School for 2022 and beyond. This year I have loved the sense of community within our College and the partnership we have with the families we serve. It is this partnership, working together with a common goal to nurture our students, that will lead us to excellence. It is a great honour to be blessed with colleagues who put Christ first in everything they do at BCC, and I am excited to think of our next steps together.  I thank Mr Cameron Ivers and Mr Paul Thompson for their endless encouragement throughout this year, making this next transition that much easier. Thank you, my colleagues, parents and students for the support and the confidence you have in me as we continue the journey to becoming one of the best schools in Queensland.'
— Mrs Elissa Vardy

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