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Rebekah Doolan is one of the latest BCC students to gain selection in a Wide Bay Sporting team.

Bek has played Football (Soccer) for the last 5 years and was successful in gaining selection with the Wide Bay U/19s.

Queensland is broken into 10 regions for school sport and each of those regions compete against each other in state titles. Despite the passion and dedication of its team, Wide Bay has never yet (in 40 years) has never yet been successful in winning a football state title.

Despite this, it takes a lot of effort to combine schoolwork with representative level sport, part time work commitments as well as Church and family. “Soccer does take up a little bit of time, I've had to give up a few things like connect groups and other sports due to double bookings.” Bek says. “Other than that I haven't had to give up on many things for soccer. This is probably because I'm used to having this schedule for my life.”

Whilst BCC doesn’t have a girls school soccer team, the values of the college inspire her in her playing. “The values of Respect and Integrity impact my game a lot” she explains. “I pride myself on being respectful on the field for the most part”. Servanthood also has made an impact on this young sportswoman as she involves herself in college activities as a prefect and also as a member of the college chapel team.
When not dressed in the Wide Bay Red and Black, you’ll find Bek on the pitch in the black red and green of her local club United Park Eagles (UPE). “Soccer is usually my destresser. When I've had a really tough or stressful week, playing soccer is just my favourite thing to do” 
As for aspirations in the future, Bek wants to continue to improve in the sport she loves. “I would really like to start playing in the higher division for my club, div 2 is the lowest div for women soccer and I would love to play at a higher standard.”