New Business Manager 2022

College Monday, 18 Oct 2021

New Business Manager

As previously announced, our first and only Business Manager, Mr Evan Keune, will be retiring in February of next year, after 21 years of faithful service.

Following our recruitment process, I am excited to announce our newly-appointed Business Manager for 2022! Please join me in warmly welcoming Ms Mary Deakin to Bundaberg Christian College.

Ms Deakin has a diverse and extensive past, filled with multicultural and multifaceted experiences, driven by her desire for mission work and travel. She has previous experience as a Business Manager as well as various community development and corporate services positions, both nationally and internationally. We look forward to welcoming her return to the Bundaberg region.

I am looking forward to returning to the warm weather of Bundaberg and the warmth of the people up there, in particular working in a Christian school that has values that align with mine.
— Ms Mary Deakin

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