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National Science Week a Wrap

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

Running from 14 to 22 August, it was an opportunity for everyone to talk science, see science and do science and it featured more than 1000 events around Australia.

Bundaberg Christian College is a Science Ambassador School affiliated by the University of Queensland for the fifth year. The program involves senior school students across the nation who are high achievers in science to run various initiatives promoting science in their schools.

These Science Ambassadors are elected and registered at UQ if they meet the criteria of being in year 11, studying at least 2 science subjects, if they are passionate about science and promoting it and possibly interested in pursuing a STEM career.

For Kristen Apostol being a Science Ambassador isn’t just about the recognition. “For me personally being able to share a love and passion for science with others is why I love it.”

During Science Week the BCC Science Ambassadors ran chalk bomb explosions, a dry ice experiment, taught students the scientific process behind making sherbet, created giant elephant toothpaste and led a junior school science experience. The aim of these activities was to expose and promote science in a fun fashion.

“Having an engaged audience and seeing their enthusiastic reactions was definitely one of the best parts of the week” said Ambassador Libby Jordan. “We hit all the sciences and had new students attending everyday”. Fellow Ambassador Abby Jones also enjoyed working with the younger members of the college, “Being able to inspire the junior school to love science was a highlight for me”.

Science Ambassador teacher, Mrs Else Engelbrecht, was proud of the way her Ambassadors took initiative during the week and the reactions from their peers. “Students consistently come up with questions regarding the science behind the reactions that are demonstrated by the Ambassadors. They want to know how certain reactions apply to real life scenarios. That gives us the opportunity to inform them about STEM careers and how they can look deeper into the wonder of science by pursuing a STEM career.”

For 2021 the BCC Science Ambassadors are Kristen Apostol, Abby Jones, Libby Jordan, Elizabeth Turner, Hanna-Rose Walshaw and Annabelle Rich.